Sustainable investing For locals

  • Low Cost SRI/ESG Funds
  • Intelligent Diversification
  • Virginia Focus - you can directly hold stocks that are headquartered or have high employee concentration in your region.

Benefits of investing in Virginia

  • You deepen your connection to the companies operating in your regional economy.

  • You have the opportunity to attend shareholder meetings and we have the opportunity to meet with management.

Photo Credit:  Mobilius in Mobili

Photo Credit: Mobilius in Mobili

Benefits of Direct Investment

  • Values Alignment. You can avoid owning stocks in sectors that do not align with your personal values.
  • Tax Efficiency. Taxable accounts can be managed to harvest tax losses in the account.  Mutual funds do not have this capacity because stocks are owned indirectly.  

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Historical Connection

Investing in Virginia is integral to its colonization. Unlike other early American colonies primarily motivated by religious freedom and discovery, Virginia’s colony was first and foremost an investment enterprise. Shareholders or “Adventurers” in the Virginia Company were made up of the Who’s Who of London, Liverpool and surrounding cities in England.