Investor Responsibility


We believe that the opportunity offered by a free and affluent society requires a reciprocal duty to the very systems that enable these benefits. We find the basis for investor responsibility in both spiritual and secular philosophical texts. Our own faith tradition, that commands us to care for both our neighbor and the earth—embrace good while rejecting evil. We also look to the Enlightenment concept of social contracts, which defines mutual responsibility. In this light, the freedom and opportunity that we enjoy as citizen investors requires a duty to consider the common good of our neighbors. 

Investors have a duty not just to the pursuit of personal returns, but also to consider how our money impacts neighbors in communities near and far. In Native American tradition, for example, this duty is to the seventh generation, which is yet unborn. Consider a portfolio where the pursuit of personal returns and the common good are so intertwined, they have become inseparable.


We Urge

All investors to allocate a portion of their overall wealth to be devoted to local investments that serve the common wealth.