Like many of you, we became disenchanted with “investing as usual.” The traditional advice we found everywhere was to own fractional shares in thousands of companies for the sake of diversification. This accepted approach resulted in an anonymous portfolio with little vitality and no connection to our community or our values.


The Quiet Voice of the Ancients

We found traditional investing unfulfilling and contradictory when compared to the  respected philosophical and spiritual traditions we held dear. For instance, the anonymous and transactional portfolio construction approach conflicts with our own faith tradition that commands us to care for both our neighbor and the earth—embrace good while rejecting evil.  

We also look to the Enlightenment concept of social contracts that define mutual responsibility. In this light, the freedom and opportunity that we enjoy as citizen investors requires a duty to consider the Common Good.

This is where VestedIn began. We explored a better way on a different path. We now believe in an approach to investing that offers more engagement and values alignment than typically found across the industry.